Little White Book – 09 The Essence of the one and only true White Racial Religion CREATIVITY

1. CREATIVITY is a White Racial Religion based on the Eternal Laws of Nature as revealed through science, history, logic and common sense.

2. CREATIVITY is a four dimensional religion whose fundamental approach is based on the idea of a Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. Above all it is concerned with the White Race as the Finest and Noblest Creation of Nature, and is truly the first real racial religion the White Race has ever had in the 6000 year history of White Civilization. We Creators are proud to say: OUR RACE IS OUR RELIGION!

3. CREATIVITY is a racial religion that embodies the best values of genetics, biology, anthropology, philosophy, economics, art, literature, the health sciences, government, morality, the environmental sciences and all the other facets of living that the White Race has accumulated through experience over the millenniums.

4. CREATIVITY is a worldwide White movement for the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race and the White Race alone. It strives to unite all White peoples of the world on the basis of one Racial Religion(Creativity) and one Racial Language (Latin) in a worldwide White Racial Community.

5. CREATIVITY rejects the Jewish lie about the separation of church and state and strives for the unity of our White Racial Religion with our White Racial State.

6. CREATIVITY first of all aims to achieve a REVOLUTION OF VALUES THROUGH RELIGION, therefore it completely and categorically rejects the Judeo – Christian – democratic – Marxist – liberal – feminist values of today and supplants them with new and basic values of which RACE IS THE FOUNDATION.

7. CREATIVITY’s key criteria is: What is Best for the White Race. What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. That is our Golden Rule.

8. CREATIVITY, instead of perverting the thinking of its supporters with a phantom world of the never-neverland, concentrates on life on this earth, the only domain in which man has ever been known to live, spiritually or otherwise. We aspire to make life on this earth richer, fuller, grander, and more rewarding than any civilization that has ever existed.

9. In CREATIVITY, whereas we concentrate on the here and now, we also place great importance on the past and the future of our race. We regard our race as a long endless golden chain of which we of the present are only a link. We honor our prestigious ancestors and we plan and prepare for our tremendously superior progeny of the future.

10. CREATIVITY is so designed that the White Race can thrive, prosper and advance for the next million years. This we can confidently predict because CREATIVITY is based on the Eternal Laws of Nature for the survival of our species, and for the upgrading of future generations of our race. This is in direct contrast to the sickly Jewish Christian creed, which promotes the survival and expansion of the inferior mud races and the worst elements of our race to detriment of our better elements.

Creativity is the only road to White Victory!


Little White Book – 10 Lessons of Nature for White Survival

1. We must recognize and separate our own biological species, our own precious White Race, from that of the mud races.

2. We must recognize our natural enemies, namely the mud races, of which the Jews are the most vicious, treacherous and deadly. DELENDA EST JUDAICA!

3. We must recognize that our most important mission in life is the survival, expansion and advancement of our own kind and that we must make the world safe, not for democracy, but for the future of our own progeny, for all time.

4. Instead of accepting and succumbing to sick and degenerative Jewish ideas such as Liberty, Equality and Fraternity; Christianity, Communism and Democracy; race mixing and the promotion and subsidization of the scum and the inferior mud races, we must have a complete revolution of those values we hold dear, values that are promulgated by the White Race, for the best interests of the White Race and the White Race exclusively.

5. To do this, we must have a clear, consistent, comprehensive creed and program of our own, based on those values that are in our own best interests. Such a creed and program must embrace such key values as Racial Loyalty, White Racial Teamwork, Racial Purity, the Leadership Principle, the practice of eugenics and the upgrading of our racial species, and many other vital concepts as set forth in our own NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, THE WHITE MAN’S BIBLE and other religious books of CREATIVITY.

6. We must realize that whether we like it or not, we, the White Race, are embroiled in a deadly racial war, a war not of our making, but contrived and orchestrated by the worldwide Jewish network. We are now in the precarious position of being exterminated, a crisis that is coming to a rapid climax. Unless the White Race soon becomes aware, aroused, organized and militant, we will soon be an extinct species.

7. We must also realize our own worth: that we are Nature’s Finest, and also we must recognize our own strength and resources. Aroused, united and organized the White Race is the most powerful force on the face of the earth.

8. We must realize that we cannot save all of humanity, and that we have no obligation to do so. We must get our priorities straight and save our own precious White Race in accordance with the principles of TRIAGE. (See RL No. 67.)

9. We must now muster and mobilize those forces we possess and wage an all out war to destroy our enemies and save the White Race from from extinction. We must mobilize and polarize around one powerful, comprehensive and militant creed to save ourselves and our future progeny. That creed and program is Creativity and Creativity exclusively.

We must realize that we are now in a dire and crucial crisis in the life span of our race, and we must dedicate ourselves to winning this crucial battle for White survival at all costs, no matter what the price or the sacrifices required. We are Nature’s Finest, and in accordance with the Highest Law of Nature—survival of the species—we must and will use any and all means to secure the survival of our species. The end (White Survival) justifies the means (any and all means deemed effective and necessary). RAHOWA! WHITE POWER!

Little White Book – 11 CREATIVITY: Creed and Program

1. CREATIVITY is a racial religion whose prime goal is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.

2. Our organization is known as The World Church of the Creator. Our movement and religious philosophy are called CREATIVITY, and members of our church are called CREATORS.

3. Every issue, whether religious, philosophical, political or racial, is viewed through the eyes of the White Man, and exclusively from the point of view of the White Race as a whole.

4. The cardinal test of any theory, plan, or program is this: Will it accrue to the benefit of the White Race?

5. We believe that the White Race is Nature’s finest creation of all time and that our most precious treasure is our White Gene Pool. Guarding the purity of our worldwide Gene Pool, enhancing it, and the upgrading of our future generations is our highest responsibility and our most sacred duty. 6. The four basic foundations of our religions creed are: A SOUND MIND in a SOUND BODY in a SOUND SOCIETY in a SOUND ENVIRONMENT.

7. Our Golden Rule is: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

8. A thorough and comprehensive study of history has convinced us that the jews, with their odious Talmudic and Judaic religion, are the most sinister and dangerous parasites in all history, and that they now control and manipulate the finances, the propaganda, the media and the governments of the world. It is our sacred duty and unswerving goal to get these parasites off the back of the White Race, and enable the White Race to again take control of its destiny and restore it into its own capable hands. DELENDA EST JUDAICA!

9. We mean to cleanse our own territories of all the jews, niggers and mud races, and send them back to their original habitat. Starting first with the United States, we then want to help each White country to free their territories of the contamination of mud races, and prevent not only race-mixing, but geographic mixing of races within any of the lands now occupied by the White Race.

10. A tremendous weapon in the worldwide jewish drive of race-mixing and proliferation of the mud races has been jewish christianity, concocted for the very purpose of mongrelizing and destroying the White Race. It is our avowed objective to expose this jewish swindle and replace it with a sound, healthy racial religion of our own.

11. Our first and foremost problem in saving the White Race from mongrelization and genocide is to straighten out the confused and scrambled thinking of the White Race itself. Once we have accomplished that much, getting the jews, niggers and mud races off our backs will be relatively easy. When this has been accomplished, we then propose to expand the White Man’s territory slowly and gradually, similar to the historic “Winning of the West” in early America, until the White Man inhabits all the good lands of this Planet Earth.

12. Simultaneously with the above, we mean to promote and practice Eugenics for the upgrading and advancement of the human species itself, as is spelled out in our THREE BASIC BOOKS: Nature’s Eternal Religion, The White Man’s Bible, and Salubrious Living.

13. We also are deeply concerned about the now rapidly deteriorating environment of our Planet Earth, which has not only become racially polluted, but is becoming highly contaminated with overwhelming masses of chemical wastes, nuclear wastes, and other dangerous and toxic poisons. As soon as the White Race again has control of its own destiny we mean to reverse this process, clean up the Planet and again make it a clean, pleasant and viable place for the White Race to live.

14. We also mean to address the problem of farmlands and soil fertility, a problem that is now out of control. As set forth in The White Man’s Bible (Creative Credo No.13, 14, and 15), we plan to put into operation a program of restoring the fertility of the soil and conserving its stability on a worldwide basis.

15. We are also concerned about the physical and mental health of our people. In order to enhance and upgrade the physical well-being of both young and old, we mean to promote a natural life style as set forth in The White Man’s Bible, and further amplified in Salubrious Living. The salient components for such a program are summarized in both books under the FOURTEEN BASIC POINTS OF SALUBRIOUS LIVING.

16. Our basic philosophy is spelled out under the heading of THE SIXTEEN COMMANDMENTS in both Nature’s Eternal Religion, and The White Man’s Bible, and is part and parcel of our creed.

17. Our DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE FROM JEWISH TYRANNY is set forth in The White Man’s Bible (Creative Credo No.67).

18. Our program to overcome the tyranny and violence directed against the White Race is spelled out on PAGE 401 of The White Man’s Bible, and we mean to follow and implement these steps, including ARTICLES 7 and 8 in the order listed,if and when the time should come when we are compelled to do so.

19. In Creative Credo No. 65, we have an additional creed of our Church enabling the White Race to protect itself from a hostile government, under the heading Articles for the Defense of the White Race. This, too, is part and parcel of our creed and program.

20. In a rapidly degenerating world that is now overcrowded and overrun with an explosion of inferior mud races; a world that is drug-ridden and already overly polluted with toxic chemicals and nuclear wastes; a world now steeped in anarchy, chaos and terrorism, it is nevertheless our ultimate and continuing goal to build in its place a WHITER AND BRIGHTER WORLD for our future generations.

Little White Book – 12 A Declaration of Independence from Jewish Tyranny

Since a penetrating study of both contemporary and Ancient history has conclusively revealed the following situation:

1. The jewish race by choice has waged deadly, unrelenting warfare against us, the White Race, in order to destroy us.

2. The jewish people are banded together in a various racial, religious and political conspiracy to gain control of all the money, all the economic and financial resources, all the land and territory and real estate of the world, in short, its total wealth.

3. The jews have made it their primary goal to mongrelize, kill, decimate and otherwise destroy the White Race.

4. The jews are determined to enslave all the races of the world, including the final mongrelized product of the White Race that they intend bringing about.

5. The jews have in the past successfully and successively destroyed our White Racial ancestors, to name a few: the White Egyptians; the highly creative and gifted Greeks of Classical History; the great and noble Romans of ancient times.

6. The jewish conspiracy now owns, monopolizes, and/or controls the majority of the White Man’s industry, finances, educational facilities, news media, television networks, government, religion, and monopolizes all or nearly all instruments of thought control.

7. The White Race is now an occupied and enslaved people under the cruel heel of the jewish tyranny. Now, therefore, we CREATORS, in the name of all our White Racial Comrades throughout the world, proclaim this, our own Declaration of Independence.

We hereby resolve that it is our sacred duty and holy obligation, not only to ourselves, but also to out noble ancestors that produced us, and our precious progeny who will follow us, to bring about a world situation in which we are determined:

1. To throw off the yoke of jewish tyranny and control.

2. To wrest control of the White Man’s destiny into the loyal and capable hands of our own people.

3. To eternally fight for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.

4. To shrink our enemies, namely the jews and the other mud races, and expand the territory, the power and the number of our own White Racial Comrades.

5. To make it impossible for the jews and other mud races to ever again threaten the existence and well-being of the White Race. To this, our Declaration of Independence, we forever pledge our Lives, our Sacred Honor and our Religious Zeal.

Little White Book – 13 Creativity Unique – Not a rehash of the Nazi philosophy

We Creators believe that Adolf Hitler was a pioneer who made a tremendous breakthrough for the White Race, but unfortunately he did not break the back of the jewish monster. On the contrary, the jews emerged victorious from the ashes of a defeated Germany. When WWII ended, the jews were ten times more powerful than before that holocaust began. Now, over forty years later they have further consolidated that power and tightened their death grip on the world, and on the White Race. It remains up to us, the present generation of the White People, to break that jewish stronghold. Nobody else will do it for us.

We Creators have learned much from the Nazi experience and the mistake made in dealing with the jewish monster. National Socialism was the first mighty breakthrough for the White Race, but it was not the total answer. IN CREATIVITY, THE WHITE RACE FINALLY HAS THE TOTAL ANSWER TO THE PROBLEMS OF WHITE RACIAL SURVIVAL, EXPANSION AND ADVANCEMENT! We Creators have come up with a completely different approach and use the same weapons the jews have used so successfully for over 3500 years, namely the POWER OF RELIGION.

1. There are at least eight Fundamental Differences between the Creativity movement and the Nazi movement, which have been outlined in Expanding Creativity (p.56-57) and Building a Whiter and Brighter World (p.50-51):

2. Whereas the concern of Hitler and the Nazi movement was to save Germany from the enemies that surrounded her, the overwhelming goal of the Church of the Creator is to save the White Race and insure the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race on a worldwide basis. We preach not nationalism, but Racialism.

3. Hitler himself stated that the Nazi movement was a political movement exclusively for the Germans and not for export. CREATIVITY is, in contrast, a RELIGIOUS MOVEMENT designed for global proportions to embrace all the White peoples of this Planet Earth.

4. Whereas Hitler never tackled the issue of jewish christianity, and, in fact, sometimes even mildly identified with it, we confront christianity head-on, expose its treacherous and deceitful nature, and its jewish origins.

5. Hitler left us a burdensome legacy that still lingers on in the minds of many of his admirers, and that is that the jewish problem must be solved as a political problem. We Creators say: not so, it is a religious problem that can only be solved by replacing jewish christianity with a powerful racial religion for the White Race. In the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion—CREATIVITY—we have such a solution.

6. Whereas the Nazi movement took a harsh and hostile stance toward many of its White neighbors—the French, the Poles, the Czechs, etc., CREATIVITY, on the other hand, seeks to embrace and unite all the White peoples of the world in the spirit of White Racial Loyalty and solidarity.

7. Whereas Hitler formed a military alliance with one of the more powerful mud races, namely the Japanese, to help kill White peoples, to us Creators this is sheer treason and must never happen again. A cardinal rule of the Church of the Creator is: never, never again shall the White Race engage in suicidal warfare against its own kind but concentrate its power and hostility instead against its racial enemies—jews, niggers and the mud races.

8. Out “mythos” is the American scene of our White pioneering forefathers, Manifest Destiny and the Winning of the West, which we consider as the finest chapter in the history of the entire White Race. In contrast, the Nazi mythos was narrowly nationalistic in orientation, with the exclusive emphasis on German language and history.

9. We shun the “personality cult” approach to the overwhelming problem that confronts us and rely instead on logic and common sense, on the experience of history, and on the Eternal Laws of Nature as the broad and solid base upon which to build our powerful religious movement for the White Racial Survival, Expansion and Advancement.


We must not get into the rut of merely rehashing the problem endlessly. Let us instead direct our energies constructively towards solving the problem by building a massive White Racial movement. CREATIVITY is the solution.

There will never be a better time to get our act together than NOW. We will not get a second chance.

If the White Race isn’t worth saving, what is?

The work of CREATORS everywhere is to restore the natural instincts Nature gave to the White Race.

Little White Book – 14 Lessons from the Winning of the West

One hundred years ago, on December 29, 1890, at the battle of Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota, the White Race finally and absolutely triumphed in America. Let us honor and celebrate this glorious day—THE DAY OF TRIUMPH OF WHITE AMERICA—every year, and let us learn and remember the following important lessons of our history:

1. The most obvious and important lesson we must learn is that America, as every other country, empire, or civilization, was built by conquest. It was by force of battle, by spilling blood, by conquering the enemy that the White Man in America forcibly took the land from the Indians, and the Mexicans, and won independence from the British.

2. We White Racial Loyalists—Creators regard the wars against Indians and the Mexicans as of far greater significance than the war of the American Revolution against England. After all, Canada has prospered equally well, although it never formally broke away from England. Its smaller population is solely due to the fact that only its southern fringes lie in a hospitable climate.

3. If the American wars of pushing back the mud races and settling the conquered territories with White people were so productive in the past and were the “American Way”, why scrap a winning formula? Why not apply the same successful program to the rest of the land areas of the world, not just for the U.S., but for the White Race as a whole? We White Racial Loyalists—Creators propose that this is exactly what we not only can do, but must do, if we are to survive. We have the intelligence, we have the power, and as Nature’s Finest we have every Nature-given right to do so. Our White Racial Religion—Creativity—furnishes us not only with the moral right to do so, but also the moral obligation to do so.

4. For those self-hating White bleeding hearts (whose minds have been polluted and perverted by jewish propaganda) we throw down this challenge: If you really believe that the White Man was wrong in conquering America, if you don’t believe in the American way, why don’t you set an example of demonstrating your convictions by deeds? Give your property back to a Mexican or an Indian, renounce your American citizenship and crawl into a hole and die. That’s the bottom line of your idiotic conclusions, whether you know it or not.

5. We White Racial Loyalists—Creators take the contrary position. We take a position that both Nature and history have taught from time immemorial, and that is: Land and Race are Everything. Land is essential to the life and the preservation of our race. The survival, expansion and advancement of our race is the most vital goal in our existence. We White Racial Loyalists—Creators believe not only in expanding American territory, as did our glorious ancestors during the nineteenth century, but of following the same great “American way” of expanding the living area of the White Race all over the world, until the White Race inhabits every hospitable square mile on the face of the earth. RAHOWA! THIS PLANET IS ALL OURS!


We believe that reality is a thousand times more meaningful than fantasy. The road to the White Man’s salvation: dedication, propaganda, organization, leadership.

Our minimum goal is to get the jews off our backs and wrest control of the White Man’s destiny back into our own capable hands. From there on out, the sky is the limit. Christianity is a jewish mind scrambler that has confused the hell out of the White Race for over 1800 years.

Join the White Man’s Religion.
Become a Creator.
Are you a full time activist or a part time dabbler?

Little White Book – 15 We are Proud to be White Racial Loyalists

We Creators take this stand: Yes, we are proud to be Racists. Yes, we are prejudiced in favor of the White Race at all time, in all things. Only we call this Racial Loyalty, and anyone who is not loyal to the White Race we designate as a despicable traitor to his or her own race. (WMB: 25)

1. Nature decrees that each species look after its own exclusively and guard against its enemies. We will call this philosophy to each his own, or Racial Loyalty, in reference to people.

2. We must never again look at issues from anyone else’s point of view, not through the snake’s eyes, not through the jew’s eyes, not through the nigger’s eyes, or any other enemies’ point of view. We must measure everything from our own point of view. We must consider every issue from the White Man’s point of view, and no one else’s.

3. The third conclusion logically follows the second and it will be the bedrock of our religion thinking, namely: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. We have already decreed this as our Golden Rule. (WMB: 25-26)


Never again must we be Traitor to our Own. As we proceed to build the philosophy of our religion for the survival of the White Race, let us never again look at the world through the serpent’s eyes. We are not interested in the serpent’s point of view. We have only one consideration: The White Man’s point of view, The White Man’s best interest, The White Man’s welfare. To do otherwise is playing the traitor to our own race and an affront against the Laws of Nature itself.(WMB: 26)

White Man, your first loyalty belongs to the White Race!

Little White Book – 16 CREATIVITY: White Racial Teamwork

In CREATIVITY we follow the experience of history. Eternal struggle is the price for survival. The winners of such struggles are those who organize, who have a battle plan, who practice racial teamwork. In CREATIVITY, as we unfold our creed and program, we endeavor to furnish the White Race with all these essentials, and more. (WMB: 32)

1. In Creativity we emphasize responsibility and duty over a libertine philosophy.

2. We favor the producer over the consumer.

3. We have learned from the hard experience of history that all libertine societies end in anarchy, and that anarchy is the cruelest and most destructive of all tyrants.

4. We believe in the fullest exercise of freedom within the context of organized society and responsibility toward that society.

5. We believe that the freest individuals are those within the framework of an organized White government, free from alien control and free from pollution of alien races.

6. We believe history and experience have shown that only on the basis of recognizing our enemies, destroying and/or excluding them and practicing racial teamwork can a stable lasting government be built for the progress, prosperity and advancement of the White Race. (WMB: 32)


CREATIVITY is a religion for the survival of the White Race.

Time is running out. The time for action is NOW!

The jew is the master of perversion. When Creativity triumphs the White Race will be jew-proof for all time.

White Men of the World, UNITE! You have nothing to lose but jewish tyranny.

Little White Book – 17 Steps towards the Salvation of the White Race

1. First of all, we must go back to the fundamentals of Nature, which is the heart of our religion—CREATIVITY.

2. We must realize first and foremost that the survival of our own race—the White Race—supersedes any and all other goals in importance. We must look at all issues through the eyes of the White Race and the White Race alone.

3. We must realize that we are not here to help others, least of all the scum of the earth, but to help ourselves.

4. We must realize that only by hard struggle on our own behalf can we survive and build a better race.

5. We must realize that only by building a better race can we ever build a better world. The two goals merge together.

6. We must clearly recognize our racial enemies—jews, niggers and muds—and treat them as such.

7. We must realize that such words as “help”, “charity”, “compassion”, “humanitarianism”, “aid to the needy”, etc., are jewish catchwords designed (a) to fleece the White Man, and (b) transfer the White Man’s hard-earned substance to the niggers, the mud races and the freeloaders, and (c) thereby destroy the White Race.

8. We must realize that most of today’s charity is promoted and channeled by the jews and goes to the benefit of jews, niggers and mud races.

9. We must realize that unselective and indiscriminate charity is not a virtue but a racial sin which is extremely destructive to the White Race.

10. We must never participate in any charity that benefits our enemies.

11. We must aim our aid, charity, contributions to benefit the White Race as a whole and be careful that even among our own kind we are not aiding and abetting those that could and should help themselves.

12. We must realize that by subsidizing those that are capable of helping themselves we are encouraging them to become freeloaders, we are thereby not really helping them but undermining their
ability to become independent, useful members of our White Society.

13. We can render the most useful aid by teaching our White Racial Comrades how to best help themselves and fend for themselves. This applies especially to our own offspring.

14. We must realize that encouraging parasites at the expense of the productive group rapidly expands the parasites out of control and destroys the producers. This unfortunately is the course we are now pursuing and it obviously leads to the collapse of race, economy and civilization.

15. The thrust of our endeavors must, therefore, be just the opposite: encourage and increase the productive base and discourage, decrease and cull our the incapable, the useless and the freeloaders. Only by doing so can we build a stronger, more capable race and a better world of tomorrow. (WMB: 394-395)

Little White Book – 18 Priorities of the White Race

1. Our first priority is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. To achieve this goal no price is too high, no sacrifices is too great, and we will and we must utilize any and all means necessary to achieve this paramount goal.

2. To enable us to achieve our own survival, we must first and foremost get the parasitic jew off the back of our people, not only in America, but throughout the world. For too many thousands of years they have been the scrooge of mankind. DELENDA EST JUDAICA!

3. In order that we can organize ourselves and muster the power to smash the Jewish stranglehold, we must first destroy and replace jewish christianity, their most powerful and insidious weapon, with a healthy racial religion of our own.

4. The basic philosophy of such a religion must be: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. Racial Loyalty and White Racial Teamwork must be the foundations of our program.

5. Never again must the White Race be euchred into fratricidal wars of White Men killing White Men. If we must go to war, let us make damn sure we direct such wars against our real enemies—jews, niggers and the mud races.

6. As Nature takes its course and the mud races wither away of their own incompetence and inability to feed themselves, we must expand our own kind and colonize all the good lands of this Planet Earth.

7. We Believe that Planet Earth has a definite limit as to the number of people it can comfortably feed, house and accommodate. We believe that number is in the vicinity of one billion people. Once we are in charge of our own destiny, we can stabilize our world population at that number, and through the practice of eugenics constantly upgrade the health, intelligence and genetic quality of our people, thereby building a healthier, happier and more prosperous life for Nature’s Finest for all time to come.


– To say that the success of the CREATIVITY movement will mean so much to so many is an understatement. Do your part. Help bring it about. – There will never be a better time to get our act together than NOW. We will not get a second chance. – We want to start laying the groundwork now, for the Future Leadership Cadre of the White Race. – Only a better people can build a better world. Without an uncontaminated White Race, this is unthinkable.

– Remember the Alternative: It is the fiendish obsession of the jewish Establishment that no more White babies be born. Remember that is the alternative to CREATIVITY.