Steps On Becoming A Creator

1. Familiarize yourself with the holy books of Creativity and read as much as you can from them.

2. Follow the teachings contained within the books and have a change of mind in accordance with the Golden Rule.

3. Memorize and recite the 5 Fundamental beliefs of Creativity daily, and also go over the 16 Commandments and the Standard Beliefs as well as the Essence of Creativity often.

4. Get in contact with a minister in the religion as well as The Creativity Movement and tell them about your decision to convert to the religion.

5. Bring another person over to the religion as soon as possible, and contemplate on forming a church group in your area.

This blog is created for the best interests of the White Race.

For an affiliated church, please visit the website of The Creativity Movement.

Hotline: 309-830-9485



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