Little White Book – 22 The Mission of Creativity security and self-defense

I. The primary mission of the Security Legions, is to provide security services for the members and property.

II. The secondary mission of the Security Legions, is to prepare the members for active and effective self-defense.

III. In order to accomplish their mission of security and self-defense, the Security Legions must:

(a) Organize themselves into small, tightly-knit Primary Groups (with minimum two, maximum ten, optimum five members), in accordance with the Primary Group Pyramid Structure as outlined in Racial Loyalty #55.

(b) Self-educate themselves in legal self-defense and always remember these principles:

1. Never trust police, FBI or any other agents of the JOG. They are controlled functionaries of our enemies.

2. Never allow them inside without a warrant, always demand to see a warrant.

3. If unwillingly detained, demand to know if you are under arrest and under what charge.

4. If under arrest, refuse to answer any questions and demand to see a lawyer. However, never trust a lawyer, especially if he advises you to break any of these ten basic legal self-defense principles.

5. When questioned by the JOG, silence is your best defense.

6. Be silent, suppress the urge to tell “your side of the story”.

7. Never plead guilty, never waive any of your rights.

8. Never make any deals with the JOG.

9. Never betray a Creator – All Creators are your comrades.

10. Remember: nothing great is won without great sacrifices. Persecution and suffering are the inevitable obstacles on our path to victory. We must overcome them through dedication and perseverance. Let the great vision of a Whiter and Brighter World inspire and lead you through all trials, sufferings and deprivations.

Self-educate themselves in physical fitness, martial arts, first aid techniques, police communications and armed self-defense. Legally own at least one handgun and become proficient with it through frequent target practice.

IV. All present actions of the Creator Security Legions must be within the limits of “reasonable self-defense” and within the law. Do not resort to any illegal means or methods! Anyone who advocates actions outside of the limits of “reasonable self-defense” and outside the law can be assumed to be an agent provocateur and would be subject to being expelled from the organization.

V. Only a card-carrying member can join the Security Legions. There can be no exception to this rule.

VI. Although oriented towards our youth as the most energetic defenders of our race, the Security Legions impose no age limitation on their membership. However, every member must be physically and mentally able to perform his duties effectively.

VII. Creativity endorses and promotes with great enthusiasm both the White/Red Berets and White Rangers, therefore no matter which one of those two is selected by a member, he will be part of the militant elite of Nature’s Finest. The basic difference between the White Rangers and White/Red Berets is in the image and mystique, the type of heritage and tradition they want to emphasize, promote and emulate.

White Rangers, as the name implies, draw their inspiration from the tradition of the heroic White conquerors of the North American continent—Pioneers, Frontier Fighters, Cowboys and Texas Rangers. Their official uniform features a white cowboy hat (with our Logo) and cowboy boots.

White/Red Berets, as implied by their name, draw their inspiration mainly from the heroic White military
tradition, especially as exemplified by the elite commando units (such as paratroopers). Their official uniform features a white or red military beret (with our Logo) and paratrooper boots. There being more than one organization dedicated to Creativity, the choice of whether a white beret or red beret is worn is at the prerogative of the organization’s HQ.

Despite the differences in image, mystique and tradition, we must always remember that the essence of a White Ranger and a White/Red Beret is not in his uniform, but in his attitude. Our main goal is to revive the attitude of White militancy—the will to fight for what is White and Defend the one and only, true and revolutionary WHITE RACIAL RELIGION—CREATIVITY!

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