Little White Book – 19 The Program to Overcome the Tyranny and Violence against the White Race

Our program to overcome the tyranny and violence against us, must proceed in the following order, from one emergency to the next:

1. It is not our objective to declare a war of violence against the jews, niggers and other mud races. We will assert ourselves non-violently but be adamant in our pursuit to freely practice our religion as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution. We will demand, as everyone else, the right to peacefully assemble, as guaranteed by the Constitution, and the right to organize.

2. As we organize our churches, we will distribute NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION and our WHITE MAN’S BIBLE, until we have placed a copy in the hands of a majority of our White Racial Comrades. We will make sure every White man, woman and child understands the jewish conspiracy that is now upon us.

3. As the White Race becomes united, informed and aroused, we will boycott every jew and every aspect of jewish influence in our society. This includes boycotting the jews in business, in their professions, in their political activities, in education, in religion, in the news media, theater, etc. Not only will we boycott them, but we will expose them, point them out and wage propaganda warfare against them, just as they are presently doing against the White Race. This we can do legally and very effectively once we get our religious structure organized.

4. We thereby intend to drive them out from our society in all phases of influence and power, just as Hitler did in Germany. We will let them peacefully “wither on the vine” or let them peacefully migrate to Israel where the Arabs can contend to them. In no case will we any longer subsidize them, do business with them, or allow our White Racial Comrades to be used as victims to promote the welfare of these parasites on our backs.

5. Once we have driven them from political office, we will follow this up with legal measures to forever exclude the jews from positions of power or influences in government, education, propaganda, arts and theater or any other meaningful influence in our society, as did Hitler in Germany, and as did the Byzantine Empire over a thousand years earlier, and as the bandit state of Israel has done to all peoples who are not of jewish birth.

6. In the meantime, while we are still in the process of regaining control of our own destiny, in no case will we ever surrender any of our guns or weapons, under any pretext, ruse or semblance of law whatsoever. Never, never, never, not even one gun. The Second Amendment gives us the constitutional right to keep our guns, and we damn well mean to exercise that right at all costs.

7. So far everything is legal. We have demanded nothing more than our Constitutional rights, the same as every other citizen. We hope we will need go no further. Now we come to the crux of our position: Should the jewish government use force to violate our Constitutional rights to freely practice our religion; to peacefully assemble; to peacefully organize; to distribute our White Man’s Bible; to use mails and any other prerogative in promoting and expanding our legal religious organization and the full practice of our religion, then we have every right to declare them as open criminals violating the Constitution and the highest law of the land. They then obviously are the criminals, and we can then treat them like the criminal dogs they are and take the law into our own hands. This is the obvious, logical thing to do. We must then meet force with force and open warfare exists. It will then be open season on all jews

8. Should the jews use assassination against our members, or our leaders, then the White Race must meet fire with fire, and retribution and vengeance will be our answer. For every one of ours they kill we will exact ten times their number, starting with the rabbis. When law and persuasion no longer protect our rights to survival then we must—as all free, courageous, intelligent people have done through the ages—turn on our tormentors with a furious vengeance and destroy them down to the last man. This is the thing the jews fear above all—violence directly against their race, and rightfully so. With our superior
numbers and fighting qualities, the jews would be wiped our mercilessly, should they violate our Constitutional rights and inflict violence against us. (WMB: 401-403)


– Don’t be a passive spectator. Become a militant activist in the White Racial Revolution.

– Ideology without action is sterile.

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