Little White Book – 17 Steps towards the Salvation of the White Race

1. First of all, we must go back to the fundamentals of Nature, which is the heart of our religion—CREATIVITY.

2. We must realize first and foremost that the survival of our own race—the White Race—supersedes any and all other goals in importance. We must look at all issues through the eyes of the White Race and the White Race alone.

3. We must realize that we are not here to help others, least of all the scum of the earth, but to help ourselves.

4. We must realize that only by hard struggle on our own behalf can we survive and build a better race.

5. We must realize that only by building a better race can we ever build a better world. The two goals merge together.

6. We must clearly recognize our racial enemies—jews, niggers and muds—and treat them as such.

7. We must realize that such words as “help”, “charity”, “compassion”, “humanitarianism”, “aid to the needy”, etc., are jewish catchwords designed (a) to fleece the White Man, and (b) transfer the White Man’s hard-earned substance to the niggers, the mud races and the freeloaders, and (c) thereby destroy the White Race.

8. We must realize that most of today’s charity is promoted and channeled by the jews and goes to the benefit of jews, niggers and mud races.

9. We must realize that unselective and indiscriminate charity is not a virtue but a racial sin which is extremely destructive to the White Race.

10. We must never participate in any charity that benefits our enemies.

11. We must aim our aid, charity, contributions to benefit the White Race as a whole and be careful that even among our own kind we are not aiding and abetting those that could and should help themselves.

12. We must realize that by subsidizing those that are capable of helping themselves we are encouraging them to become freeloaders, we are thereby not really helping them but undermining their
ability to become independent, useful members of our White Society.

13. We can render the most useful aid by teaching our White Racial Comrades how to best help themselves and fend for themselves. This applies especially to our own offspring.

14. We must realize that encouraging parasites at the expense of the productive group rapidly expands the parasites out of control and destroys the producers. This unfortunately is the course we are now pursuing and it obviously leads to the collapse of race, economy and civilization.

15. The thrust of our endeavors must, therefore, be just the opposite: encourage and increase the productive base and discourage, decrease and cull our the incapable, the useless and the freeloaders. Only by doing so can we build a stronger, more capable race and a better world of tomorrow. (WMB: 394-395)

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