Little White Book – 16 CREATIVITY: White Racial Teamwork

In CREATIVITY we follow the experience of history. Eternal struggle is the price for survival. The winners of such struggles are those who organize, who have a battle plan, who practice racial teamwork. In CREATIVITY, as we unfold our creed and program, we endeavor to furnish the White Race with all these essentials, and more. (WMB: 32)

1. In Creativity we emphasize responsibility and duty over a libertine philosophy.

2. We favor the producer over the consumer.

3. We have learned from the hard experience of history that all libertine societies end in anarchy, and that anarchy is the cruelest and most destructive of all tyrants.

4. We believe in the fullest exercise of freedom within the context of organized society and responsibility toward that society.

5. We believe that the freest individuals are those within the framework of an organized White government, free from alien control and free from pollution of alien races.

6. We believe history and experience have shown that only on the basis of recognizing our enemies, destroying and/or excluding them and practicing racial teamwork can a stable lasting government be built for the progress, prosperity and advancement of the White Race. (WMB: 32)


CREATIVITY is a religion for the survival of the White Race.

Time is running out. The time for action is NOW!

The jew is the master of perversion. When Creativity triumphs the White Race will be jew-proof for all time.

White Men of the World, UNITE! You have nothing to lose but jewish tyranny.

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