Little White Book – 15 We are Proud to be White Racial Loyalists

We Creators take this stand: Yes, we are proud to be Racists. Yes, we are prejudiced in favor of the White Race at all time, in all things. Only we call this Racial Loyalty, and anyone who is not loyal to the White Race we designate as a despicable traitor to his or her own race. (WMB: 25)

1. Nature decrees that each species look after its own exclusively and guard against its enemies. We will call this philosophy to each his own, or Racial Loyalty, in reference to people.

2. We must never again look at issues from anyone else’s point of view, not through the snake’s eyes, not through the jew’s eyes, not through the nigger’s eyes, or any other enemies’ point of view. We must measure everything from our own point of view. We must consider every issue from the White Man’s point of view, and no one else’s.

3. The third conclusion logically follows the second and it will be the bedrock of our religion thinking, namely: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. We have already decreed this as our Golden Rule. (WMB: 25-26)


Never again must we be Traitor to our Own. As we proceed to build the philosophy of our religion for the survival of the White Race, let us never again look at the world through the serpent’s eyes. We are not interested in the serpent’s point of view. We have only one consideration: The White Man’s point of view, The White Man’s best interest, The White Man’s welfare. To do otherwise is playing the traitor to our own race and an affront against the Laws of Nature itself.(WMB: 26)

White Man, your first loyalty belongs to the White Race!

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