Little White Book – 08 Classical Latin: The Universal Language of the White Race

The great language of the ancient White Romans was the universal language of all educated Europeans until the Jew-orchestrated “French revolution” of 1789 divided Europe into a polyglot of language-based “nations”. In order to survive and prosper, the White Race must put Racial Loyalty above National Loyalty, and unite in a worldwide WHITE RACIAL COMMUNITY with one White Racial Religion (Creativity) and with one White Racial Language (Latin). RAHOWA!

*Aut vincere aut mori!  Either victory or death!
*Delenda est Carthago! Carthage must be destroyed!

Roman Senator Cato the Elder used this slogan to end all his speeches in the Roman Senate. It became a battle cry of all Romans, and eventually Carthage was destroyed by the victorious Roman legions. Now the battle cry of Creators and the entire White Race must be: DELENDA EST JUDAICA!

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